The Oasis Church of Chandler Arizona

Oasis Mission Statement

The mission of The Oasis is to continually provide spiritual

refreshment to those who are thirsting for the Bible within

a community of people who are striving to remain relationally healthy and safe.

God has given us the Bible so that we can be completely outfitted

with everything we will need for life’s journey.

It is through the direction that the Bible provides that we will know

where we are going and how to get there.

And it is through the strength that the Bible supplies that we will

persevere through life’s challenges and finish life well.

The greatest adventure is discovering what God has revealed to us

in the Bible and the adventure begins now…

Welcome to The Oasis!!!

One thought on “The Oasis Church of Chandler Arizona

  1. The new website looks great. And, I am so excited for the videos. Excited to feel like I am right there, again, listening to Pastor Jeff with my Bible open and taking notes every week. What a blessing. We surely miss you all. Love you guys.

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