The Oasis


Sunday series:  The Message of Hebrews
We are going to spend several weeks exploring the message of the book of Hebrews.  This letter is a great reminder of the great salvation we have through our great savior Jesus Christ.  Salvation isn’t something we just receive, it’s something we are responsible for.  It’s the greatest of gifts from God to us.  What are we doing with such a great salvation?  We will examine the answers to that question.
(10:00 AM Sunday mornings at the Basha High School auditorium)


Wednesday series:  A Study of Joseph
As we consider the life of Joseph, we realize that God’s dreams for us are not thwarted by our circumstances but only by our unbelief.  If we will remain faithful to the Lord as Joseph did, we will overcome any challenges or obstacles that may be in our way to achieving those dreams.  Be inspired by Joseph to follow the dreams God has given you.
(7:00 PM Wednesday evenings at the Basha High School cafeteria) – Starting up again on August 5th.



We would love for you to join us on Sunday and Wednesday.   ~Pastor Jeff Royce