Homeless Outreach

4th Monday of Every Month

The homeless food packing efforts have resumed! The Oasis church has an opportunity to help support and provide meals to the homeless in the Tempe area. We will be working alongside the Aris Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization that cares for homeless young adults within the East Valley. We will help provide food, clothing, and hygiene items. We also have additional opportunities to help other local associations such as Feed My Starving Children, Sunshine Acres, and more. For additional information and how you can get involved in this ministry, please reach out to Sue Durant at durantsu@gmail.com or Rich Phillips at richjphillips@gmail.com.


Communion Ministry

Volunteers Needed

Please contact Teresa at Teresa.Lindquist@gmail.com for more information on how you can become a servant in this ministry.

Lunch Packing Donations

Items always needed

*Peanut butter - smooth *Jelly or Jam *Individual bags of chips *Individually wrapped cookies *Individually wrapped crackers *Loaves of Bread *Bottles of Water *Pudding Cups *Plastic Spoons *Baggies *Napkins

Homeless Outreach Items

Items Always Needed

*Dental floss *Lotion *Deodorant *Tampons *Pads *Chapstick *Mouthwash *Men and Womens clothes *Socks *Shoes *Bras