Handling Adversity ~ DAY 18

The author states in Hebrews 3:6, “But Christ is faithful as a son over God’s house.  We are of His house, if in fact, we hold firmly to our confidence and the hope we take pride in.”  Our author has been building a case at the beginning of chapter three of why Christ is better than Moses.  The recipients of this letter are reminded that Moses was a servant in God’s house, whereas Jesus is the Son over God’s house.  There is a contrast of position here between Jesus and Moses.

But the author also wants to draw a parallel between Moses and Jesus.  That equivalent is that both were faithful in their respective positions and capacities.  Their faithfulness is emphasized because this is what the author desires of the recipients of this letter.  To hold firmly to our confidence and hope is another way of describing and displaying our faithfulness to God in our everyday lives. 

Faithfulness is a by-product of and grounded in our faith.  Our initial faith in Christ as Savior is not all that is required of us.  As Christ followers, we must continually place our faith solely in Christ, and keep or maintain our faith firmly fixed on Jesus.  The receivers of this letter were faltering in their confidence and staggering in their hope.  In times of adversity, our confidence and hope in God can be shaken.

In light of this, all of us as believers are exhorted to “hold firmly” to this confidence and hope (3:6).  “Hold firmly” is a nautical term.  It described one sailing in rough seas and strong winds and yet holding their course until they arrived safely at port.  We are all vulnerable to veer off course ourselves or allow the prevailing winds around us to blow us off course.  By the grace of God, we need to keep our rudders firmly in hand and our faces fixed like flint toward our God.  To place our faith and trust in anyone or anything other than God will result in spiritual shipwreck.  Listen to Paul’s words. “To do this (fighting the good fight), you must hold firmly to faith, which some have rejected and so have suffered shipwreck in regard to faith.”  Sailors know that the seas won’t always be calm or the skies clear.  They must learn to navigate in good weather and bad, and we must do the same as people of faith.  Our hope and confidence in the Lord are not optional.  It is essential that we renew our trust in the Lord each and every day if we are going to survive the rough seas of life.