December 28

“While they were talking and debating these things, Jesus Himself approached and began to accompany them” (Luke 24:15).

What was our Lord Jesus occupying Himself with after His glorious resurrection? He was coming alongside of His disciples to encourage and strengthen them. We don’t believe that these two disciples were very well known or else they would have been named. Yet we are reminded that those of us unknown to others are always known to God and that Jesus has time for each and every one of us, not just time for an elite few.

The idea behind the words “approach” and “accompany” speak of drawing nearer and a condition of extreme closeness. Jesus can and will comfort and encourage us with His presence. He is with us. He is near. Sense His presence with you today and be strengthened. We are not alone. We are never alone.

As Jesus conversed with these two disciples, they informed Him of their discouragement and despair and loss of hope based upon the events that happened to Jesus in Jerusalem just a few days before (see Luke 24:17-21). They did not recognize Him yet and they continued to relate the things they’d heard from Jesus’ other disciples. Jesus responded to all of this news with these words, “How slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken!” (Luke 24:25) It’s not a matter of our head but our heart. Our head can be filled with the right information but our heart must believe in it or it profits us nothing. Jesus took the opportunity to restore their hope, and how did He do this? He took them back to the scriptures (Luke 24:27). He simply let the text of scripture speak for itself and stuck closely to what it said. This is what the word “interpreted” means in verse 27.

If we are going to be strengthened and encouraged we must stick very closely to the text of scripture, allowing it to speak for itself. Too often today there is so much time spent deviating from what God said that messages from pastors and Bible teachers become more of a man’s words then God’s words. Their spiritual strength, stability, and hope would be restored through going back to the Word of God. This truth is still valid today. We must get back to the Bible in our lives, in our churches, and in our nation. A people who are separated from God’s Word are a hopeless people. When we are losing ground spiritually and losing hope may we come back to and connect with the Word of God. Like these discouraged followers of Jesus, be encouraged through Christ’s presence in your life and His Word today.