December 27

“As they came into the house and saw the child with Mary His mother, they bowed down and worshipped Him. They opened their treasure boxes and gave Him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh” (Matthew 2:11).

There is one more piece of Jesus’ birth we want to explore before moving on and that is the visit of the wise men from the east for they also provide for us a great example in being a faithful and devoted follower of God.

In their homeland, God had given revelation of His plan and obviously they showed great interest in and paid careful attention to this revelation. This message of God moved them to move out and begin searching for a special child among all others who would be distinguished Himself by an extraordinary star that would guide these followers to where the child was. May we trust in God’s guidance for us as they did. Their journey was a long and costly one and yet they were willing to set their interests aside to follow the interests of God.

Their motives in finding this child weren’t to satisfy their curiosity or to receive something from Him or His parents. Their motive was worship. Once they found the Child Jesus they acknowledged Him by humbling themselves before Him and bowing before Him in reverence and respect. They appreciated who this child was before them. Oh, that we would live in such a way as to appreciate and acknowledge who Jesus is. When we begin to live our lives as if Jesus Christ is the most important person in our lives and that His cause is the priority of our lives, others may notice Him in that way as well.

They also came from very far away, not to get something from Jesus but to give Him something. Their gifts to Jesus were the very best they could offer Him. It was their collection of their most valuable and precious things. Are we following Jesus, as many did while He was here on earth, for what He can do for us? Or are we following out of love for Him, living our lives as a love and thank offering to Him? Are we giving Jesus our very best or simply offering Him the leftovers of our time and energy?

The wisdom of these individuals is really evident in how they treated God’s revelation to them and in how they treated Jesus. Wise men not only still seek Him, they also still worship Him and give Him their very best. They followed in the footsteps of King David who said, “No I insist on buying it from you! I will not offer to the Lord my God burnt sacrifices that cost me nothing” (2 Samuel 24:24). Let’s humble ourselves before Jesus today and worship Him. Let’s offer Him the very best of ourselves and our resources. He is God with us – Immanuel!