December 24

“When Joseph awoke from sleep, he did what the angel of the Lord told him. He took his wife” (Matthew 1:24). “So Mary said, Yes, I am a servant of the Lord, let this happen to me according to your word” (Matthew 1:38).

Here we have modeled for us the obedient response of humble servants of God. Joseph and Mary were making themselves available to God. They were placing themselves at God’s disposal. There really is no secret formula for seeing God work dynamically in our lives. We simply need to respond as Joseph and Mary did. In spite of all of the, “Do not fears” and explanations of how this would all happen and the assurances that God would be with them, they still needed to respond in faith and obedience. So many of us throughout our lives are given facts for our faith to rest upon but we fail to step out in faith and follow. Thank God that Joseph and Mary responded by saying “Yes” to God.

When the Bible describes Joseph’s obedient step it states, “He took his wife.” This word “took” speaks of immediate energetic action. Oh that we could be more like Joseph even when we follow. Lord, help us to not hesitate or wait when you are calling on us to do something. Help us to obey with a sense of urgency. Also, Lord, may we learn not only to obey You but to do so with energy, enthusiasm, and passion, for this is what Joseph did. He took Mary as his wife, so help us to take a hold of what you are asking of us as well.

I love Mary’s response just as much. She simply said “yes” rather than “no” or “wait.” She acknowledged that she was a servant of the Lord, as all of us are to be. There is no higher calling upon human beings than for us to have the privilege of being God’s servants. This word “servant” speaks of one who gives themselves up to another’s will, devoted to another to the disregard of one’s own interest. As disciples of Jesus Christ we are called upon by God to partner with Him and what He is doing. Do we have the heart of a servant? Are we saying “Yes” to God at this moment? Are we taking what God wants to place in our hands?

When we are willing to respond as Joseph and Mary did in obedience and faith, we will never miss out on what is of greatest worth and value. Many people missed the first Christmas, just like many people do today. The way we assure ourselves of not missing out on what’s most important is to respond to God with faith and obedience. Joseph and Mary’s faith and obedience placed them right at the center of God’s entrance into this world as a human being, an amazing miracle of God. Say “Yes” to God today and be part of His amazing plan.