Psalm 59 – Only Through God Will We Prevail

This psalm of David was written when Saul sent men to surround David’s house and murder him.  We see David looking to the Lord for protection throughout this psalm.  He uses words like deliver and protect; shield and refuge.

There may not be someone out to literally take our lives, but are we continually trusting in the Lord to protect us?  There are many times in our lives where, I believe, God has protected us from someone or something and we don’t even realize it.  It will only be realized when we are in heaven and see our lives totally unfolded for us.

If God does allow us to go through a testing of our faith as He did David, it is only to refine us, to make us stronger.  Notice that twice in the song (vv 9 & 17), David declares that God is the source of his strength.  This reminds us that though there will be times in our life where God literally snatches us from danger, that He also many more times protects us through the fires of what we are going through by giving us the strength to make it through.  Just like with Daniel’s friends whom God protected in and through the fire and brought them out of the fire.  God wants us to be strong in Him so that no matter what the challenge or obstacle or difficulty we are facing, we learn as Paul did (Philippians 4:13) that God’s strength is sufficient.

Is God the source of your strength today?  This word for strength also carries the meaning of prevailing.  The only way we will truly prevail in life and have the strength to meet life’s demands is when we are strong in the Lord.  Listen to the podcast from my message from Sunday, January 27, 2013 where we share how we can be strong in the Lord.  (The Signs of Spiritual Fellowship)

Finally, notice that David’s confidence of God’s protection and strength rises from David’s conviction that God loves him (v 10).  This is a love of goodness, kindness, and faithfulness.  If we stop believing God loves us then we certainly stop looking for His protection and strength in our lives.  But just like David, it is when we are suffering the most and going through the fires of life that our faith must hold strong.  For it is only when we are strong in the Lord that we are truly strong.  May you rest today in the strength of God.

For His glory,

Pastor Jeff