Psalm 23 – The God Who Provides

We see in this beloved psalm how the Lord cares for his sheep.  However, all of these great promises are predicated upon the fact that God is our personal Shepherd.  If we have not asked him or invited Him to be the Shepherd of our lives, then these truths do not apply to us.

Is the Lord your personal Shepherd?  If He is, notice that we lack nothing.  Nothing in the context of what we need, not in terms of what we want.  He is our all-sufficient Shepherd and he completely outfits us with His immeasurable resources through life’s journey.  In verse 2, we are told that he is a God who continually nourishes and refreshes us.  If we would only learn as sheep to walk with our Shepherd everyday, we would be well fed and rested in His presence.  If we are in need of inner strength to persevere and deal with life’s difficulties, it is ours through Him.  He guides us through life-giving clarity and confidence so that others will see and know that life without a Shepherd is empty and perilous at best.  There is no better shepherd that anyone could ever have and follow than Him.  He will never lead his sheep in a direction that will not ultimately be for their best interest.

In verse 4,  He is there with you, even if right now you are experiencing the deepest darkness ever in your life.  He doesn’t bail out on us when things get difficult.  In fact, these dark valleys are when we see the value and worth of our great and good Shepherd.  We are never more conscious of God’s presence then when we are walking through life’s dark valleys.  His presence, provision and promises will give us great reassurance.  He is always preparing us for what is ahead and His refreshment is beyond description.  We are truly cared for even down to the most intimate details of our lives.  God’s blessing is always overflowing.  The abundance that He provides and offers to us never runs out.  Our shepherd is not passive with regards to caring for His sheep.  The word “pursue” means “aggressive action.”  If this were only a temporary arrangement, it would be fantastic but the fact is that God’s super-abundant care and provision for His sheep will last through eternity.

Show us Lord today how we as your sheep should follow You.  There is not greater life than to follow our shepherd.

For His glory,

Pastor Jeff