Psalm 22 – The Cross

Psalms 22, 23 and 24 form a trilogy within the book of Psalms.  Each looks at a different aspect of the Messiah’s ministry.  Psalm 22 deals with the cross, the suffering of the Christ.  Psalm 23 focuses on the crook, the staff symbolizing the shepherding ministry of the messiah who will lead and care for His sheep.  Psalm 24 regards the crown that Christ wears as the sovereign King of kings and Lord of lords.

One cannot read Psalm 22 and not think about our Lord’s crucifixion.  Though we cannot begin to compare our suffering with that of the Messiah, there are similarities that will enable us to connect with these words as well.  The psalmist begins with the feeling of isolation and abandonment.  He was all alone.  The reason was that He was taking upon Himself the wrath and judgment of God which we deserved for our sin .  The unbroken fellowship enjoyed within the Godhead throughout all of eternity was broken for a moment in time because of us and because God loves us so much he was willing go to this length to provide a way back to Him.  Can we ever truly appreciate the depth of what Jesus did in bearing the sin of all of humanity for all time upon Himself?

Not only was God not answering Christ (v 2) but Christ was being crushed under the weight of it all.  Jesus calls Himself a worm (v 6).  The worm referred to is the “cochineal” which produces a scarlet color used as a dye when it is crushed.  It was used in the Tabernacle to dye part of the coverings and veils.  Jesus was crushed so that His blood might cover our sins.

Then beginning in verse 14, there is a graphic description of the physical and emotional abuse and agony He suffered for us.  Crucifixion was a brutal, torturous, humiliating means of execution.  And yet, in the midst of this horrific scene is an amazing note of confidence beginning in verse 19.  The words “you have answered me” at the end of verse 21 is one word in the Hebrew language, a verb in the perfect tense.  It means specifically that the answer is in process.  He is saying, I may not feel it or see it, but I choose to believe that you are a God who answers and the answer has begun.

If you feel alone, abandoned, and abused today choose to trust that God’s answer for you is on the way.  The Father did not leave His Son in the grave but gloriously resurrected Him and exalted him.  God’s design and purpose for you never will involve your ultimate defeat but ultimate triumph and victory.  Thank Jesus today for what He has done for you and trust Him today.  His answer is on the way.

For His glory,

Pastor Jeff