Psalm 19 – The World of God, The Word of God

The Bible teaches that man is without excuse in claiming ignorance of God.  God has first revealed Himself through His creation.  When men respond to the light they have, the Bible is clear; God will lead them to more light – eventually to the Word of God.  However, if man rejects or ignores the light he is given, no further light will be revealed.

Remember, Jesus said that men love darkness rather than light (cf. John 3:19).  The problem is not that God has not clearly revealed Himself but that the revelation He has given has been pushed aside.  In fact, in verse 2 of this psalm, God is reaching out to men day after day and the word “speaks” pictures a gushing spring that is pouring forth revelation.  Language is not a barrier to this kind of revelation because everyone can begin to understand the wonder and majesty of God through creation.  This is the thought of verses 3 & 4.

The psalmist pictures the sun rising everyday in verses 5 & 6 as an obedient and faithful servant of God.  Just our sun alone, one star among billions of stars that God has created, speaks to eveyone of the wonder and majesty of God.  It also reveals the detailed love and care God has for His creation.  He placed the sun at an exact distance needed to provide us with the warmth and light this necessary for the air we breath and the food we eat.  Our God is so amazing!

David then links a positive response to the world of God leading us to the Word of God.  When one values the God of creation, one will also value His Word and will come to realize that God’s Word gives us everything we need to have a relationship with God and to continue to walk in fellowship with God.  That’s why David states in verse 10 that God’s written revelation is more valuable than gold.  It is sufficient.  It is absolutely adequate.

With such clear revelation in the world and in the Word of God, man is called to respond.  David shares his response in verses 12 – 14.  He faces his sin and he surrenders to God’s revelation.  That’s our only place of safety.  God is our only salvation.  If you are looking for a safe place in this world, run to God.

The world that God created and the Word that God has revealed clearly tell mankind that God is the answer to all that men are seeking.  Their only fulfillment and only satisfaction is found in God.

For His glory,

Pastor Jeff