Psalm 17 – Knowing Where to Look

We have all gone through the frustration of trying to find something we’ve misplaced.  We were sure that it was in a certain place but when we went to look for it, it wasn’t there.  So, we began our search, which led to even more frustration because we didn’t even know where else to look since  we’re sure we knew where it was in the first place.   A professor once shared with me that the pursuit of degrees isn’t so much about acquiring more knowledge but gaining insight into where to look for that knowledge when you need it.

This is what Psalm 17 is all about.  The psalmist knows who to turn to in each and every situation of life and he has the confidence to know that when he turns to God, He is there.  God is never lost or misplaced.  He is only a prayer away.  Turn to Him today as David did and you will discover first that He is our advocate and our defense.  David didn’t seek men to defend his cause and his character when he was attacked.  He turned to the Lord in the first 6 verses of the psalm asking God in verse 2 to , “make a just decision on my behalf!  Decide what is right!”

Secondly, David turned to God for deliverance from his enemies.  Once again, David didn’t turn to men to rescue him.  He had learned who to rely upon.  Note in verses 7 – 14, his prayer for protection and preservation.  Also note in verse 7, the psalmist testifies to God not just delivering, but powerfully delivering those who look to you for protection from their enemies.”  I love verse 8.  David asks that God would personally protect him as He would the pupil of an eye which speaks of the most sensitive and vulnerable part.  Then he pictures God’s protection of him like a majestic bird hiding her young under her wings.  What a beautiful and powerful picture David paints for us.

Finally, David looks to God for his fulfillment and satisfaction.  In the last few verses of this psalm David recounts how the wicked are caught up with earthly, temporal things whereas his focus is on eternal things.  In verse 15, he shares with us his his hope of seeing God face to face and of being transformed into His likeness.  This process which begins now is what David says is truly enriching, rewarding and satisfying.  What about you?  Do you know who to look for everything you will ever want or need?  David discovered it and he shares his discovery with all of us in this great psalm.

For His glory,

Pastor Jeff