Psalm 16 – Truth That Sustains

The most important thing to get right in our lives is what we think and believe about God.  Have we allowed the Spirit of God to reveal who God really is?  Our convictions concerning Him will be what sustains us through life’s most difficult challenges.  David, the author of this psalm, certainly knew this from his own experience.  Throughout his life, he would find himself in great danger or peril.  Instead of seeking to protect himself, he had learned to trust God to be his protection and to preserve his life.

Notice that in the first 3 verses of this psalm, David used 3 different names for God – all describing aspects of His nature.  The first, “God” is the Hebrew “El” signifying God’s infinite strength and power.  Next is “LORD” or “Yahweh”, the title of the supreme self-existing One and finally, he uses the word “Lord” or Adonai” which speaks of the sovereignty and authority of God.  David used these terms because he knew God in a personal way.  He was comfortable in a proper way with God.  They had spent much time together through the years and so this afforded David a first hand knowledge and understanding of God gained by experience.  It would be these truths  about his God that would carry him through his most difficult challenges.

We must all ask ourselves what we truly believe about God.  If what we have come to be persuaded of cannot support us or enable us to endure the darkest of life’s valleys then is it worth believing in the first place?  But if what we believe about God can sustain us through the most challenging of cirucumstances, then is this truth not worth our total commitment and devotions?  David certainly found this to be true in his life.  Look at what were the very proctical results of his relationship with God.

In verse 1, God was his protection and shelter  (refuge).  In verse 2, God was his source of well being.  In verse 5, God was his stability,  prosperity and security.  The Lord provides for him in verse 6 and guides him in verse 7.  In verse 11, God is his joy and sheer delight.  He is his only real fulfillment and satisfaction.

These blessings born our of a relationship with God need not be David’s alone.  They can be ours as well.  But it all hinges on our own personal convictions about who God is.  Beware of forming your convictions about God at a distance.  The only reliable way to gain insight into the person of God is through your own personal experience.  Remember the truth about God will sustain you, so embrace your relationship with God and begin to experience and enjoy the innumerable benefits and blessings that will overflow from it.

For His glory,

Pastor Jeff