Psalm 12 – The Words of God in Contrast to the Words of Man

The Bible teaches us how powerful words are.  “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”  (Proverbs 18:21)  We have also felt the pain and sting of what others have said to us or been encouraged and refreshed by their words.  We’ve seen the effects our words have had on others as well.

In Ephesians 5:19, Paul states that the very first evidence of being filled with the Spirit is what comes out of our mouths.  David, the author of this psalm, has learned a valuable lesson in his life.  Men and the words they say can very rarely be relied upon, but God and His words are always dependable.  He starts this psalm by turning to God for deliverance and victory in his life.  The godly or faithful are no more to be found.  People of integrity have vanished.  The word “integrity” can also mean faithful, reliable, dependable.  Do you ever feel the same way – that it is really difficult to find good, quality people anymore?  When you do, they are a treasure to you.

In verse 2, a person’s lack of integrity is to be perceived in their speech:  lying, flattery and deception.  If there is no consistency to a person’s life, then this is revealed in his speech.  They say one thing to one person and a completely contradictory thing to another.  It’s as if we can be in a desert in life looking for an oasis; someone or something that will not betray or deceive us.  Something we can count on over and over again.   Is there anyone truly safe anymore; one in which you can confide?  Fortunately, God intervenes in verse 5.  The Lord says He will provide safety:  deliverance, salvation, rescue for people who literally are panting for it.

The psalmist directs us to what we can depend on all the time:  The Word of God.  You see, David says God’s Word has been tested.  The Word speaks of the smelting or refining process that metals go through.  In other words, whatever heat your life or the words of others are bringing, God’s Word will stand the test of the heat.  If one relies on God’s Word during their life, they will survive to stand as well.  In fact, verse 6 is one of the most encouraging verses in the Bible when we understand it.  There is no furnace or fire or heat that to which God’s Word cannot stand up.  In fact, the hotter the situation only accentuates the strength of God’s words.  Think very literally for a moment about Daniel’s friends who were thrown into the fiery furnace.  Their lives were being lived on the foundation of what God had said and their lives held up in the furnace of Nebuchadnessar.  The protection and shelter that David talks about in verse 7 is found in those who take and seek refuge in His Word.

Yes, evil is all around us, but don’t focus on the evil.  Learn to saturate your mind with God’s Word and believe in His promises.  Remember God’s Word endures.  It is reliable.  It is dependable.  Trust in His Word today.

For His glory,

Pastor Jeff