Psalm 11 – How Firm A Foundation

These were times in David’s life when all of his earthly support systems vanished or were taken from him.  No wonder he writes in verse 3, “when the foundations (supports) are destroyed, what can the godly accomplish?”  This was so real to him as it is to us.  Sometimes as a believer in Jesus Christ, we find ourselves all alone, with no one or nothing around us that can help us.  All we have is God.  One of the greatest lessons David or anyone can ever learn is that when you come to that place in your life where God is all you have, you soon discover that His is all you need.

Notice in verse 1, David writes, “in the LORD I have taken shelter.”  The word LORD is in all capital letters.  It is the covenant name for God, Jehovah.  This name describes the eternally existing One.  There is something so stabilizing in remembering this.  This world can strip us of everything except the eternal, existing One.  So David seeks refuge and protection in Him.   Though at the end of verse 1, therr is a part of him that just wants to run away and escape the continuing attacks of his enemies, it was more important for him and for ust to discover that with God, we never have to run; we can ride out whatever storm is raging around us.  Our God is the ultimate storm shelter.  In Him, we can withstand anyting.  Though we may not have any other supprot, help, or protection we don’t need it.  God is all we need.  He is sufficient.

No matter what changes thake place down here on earth and how much things change, the psalmist reminds us the LORD is in His holy temple in verse 4.  The word for “temple” comes from the concept to prevail, overcome or endure.  You see we can overcome, prevail and endure not because of who we are or what we possess, but based soley on who God is.  His throne, David states, is in heaven, set apart and higher than anyone or anything in the universe.  Because of His unique perpsective, David says God doesn’t miss a thing.  He can observe and absorb it all.

Because the LORD is just (v 7), God always does what is right.  He will judge the wicked and reward the godly (vv 5-6).  So don’t be discouraged!  Those who are oppressing and attacking you will receive a personal visitation from God and will be dealt with in a proper way.  Do not forsake the right way when you are being wronged; for God, David says in verse 7, will reward godly deeds.  The upright will experience His favor.  Literally, it states that we will see God’s face.  What a promise!

So, if your support systems are failing you or are unable tohelp, remember God is in His holy temple.  He’s truly the only support you and I ever need.

For His glory,

Pastor Jeff