Psalm 10 – The Problem of Seeing Life As A Series of Snapshots

There is a national insurance company promoting what they are calling “snapshot discounts.”  This is a very popular and appealing marketing technique, however, it is not very realistic.  Life is never to be viewed as a snapshot, for it is never static.  It is always moving in one direction or another.  Almost anything can look good or bad in a snapshot moment of time.  But there is so much more to any situation in life than what a snapshot can provide.

This is what the psalmist is struggling with in Psalm 10.  He’s gotten caught up in looking at life from a snapshot perspective.  That is why for the first 15 verses of this psalm, the author is bemoaning what seems to be the reality all around him.  That is, that the wicked or evil people of the earth seem to be getting away with thumbing their noses at God.  They are living in total disregard of God and His word and instead of things going badly for them, they seem to be prospering, even thriving.  How are they able to do this?  Why is God allowing this to happen?  These are snapshots of life that all of us take at times, however, they are very deceiving.

Take time to read the first 15 verses of this psalm.  When we look at life from this perspective, it seems as if God doesn’t care or that He is totally disinterested in what is happening.  That’s why the psalmist starts off with questions.  Then, beginning in verse 2, he recounts many of the actions and arrogant attitudes of the wicked towards everyone including God Himself.  Yet, as the author spends time pouring out his heart to God, he begins to realize that this perceived problem with how God handles these matters is in the timing of it all.  That is why in verse 14, he reaffirms that God has taken notice and pays close attention to what is taking place on earth.  Throughout the Bible, God reassures us that just because He doesn’t deal with something immediately, does not mean He won’t deal with it at all.  God is saying to all of us, “Don’t be deceived by the snapshot perspectives of life.”

When we get our eyes off of this way of observing and interpreting life and focus our attention on God and His word, we can end our days the same way the author ends this psalm (v 16).  The LORD is the king of the universe He created.  He is reigning.  The words “driven out” referring to the nations means to vanish due to His judgement.  Their rebellion against God is so temporary for their earthly life is so short especially when compared to the eternal God.  He reminds us in verse 17 that the LORD always listens to the humble and lowly.  Their stability is not due to a change in their circumstances but due to the fact that God literally bends down to hear their prayers.  God rules, God decides, God vindicates the fatherless and oppressed (v 18).

Mere mortals will never prevail against the eternal God.  So beware of snapshots!  They can be very deceiving and discouraging.  Instead place your life in God’s hands and life will begin to look different.

For His glory,

Pastor Jeff