Psalm 9 – Take Heart: God Is In Control

Whatever our situation in life may be, we can be comforted in the belief that God reigns.  This is why, in spite of the difficult circumstances the psalmist may be facing, he begins with praise.  Praise is always a good choice to start with.  He is rejoicing in God, the sovereign One (v2).  “Sovereign” means most high or highest.  He is acknowledging that no one or nothing is greater than God.  That’s important to remember especially when we are struggling with something.

David knew it wasn’t a question of “if” but “when” his enemies would return.  Yet he knew that God would bring about the frustration and downfall of their plots against him (vv 3&4).  Note David said, “from your throne you pronounced a just decision.”  The word “throne” speaks of God’s seat of honor, power and authority.  We must hold to the conviction that God is always on His throne even if the present circumstances seem to say otherwise.  But God’s timing in dealing with people and situations is different from ours.  He is eternal and therefore works from an eternal perspective.

David states, beginning in verse 5, that God will ultimately end the rebellion against Him.  Those nations and the people inhabiting them are set in contrast to God.  Their opposition is so fleeting and temporary.  In verse 7, we are reminded the LORD rules forever.  He remains, He stays when everything else is but a distant memory.  Who we may be wrestling with or what we may be dealing with may seem so big.  But God is greater than them all, and a million years from now when we are just beginning eternity what will it all really mean?  He reigns (v 7).  The word here means to “be firm” or “stable.”  In other words, God is not going anywhere and no one will ever de-throne Him.  Knowing how stable God’s hold on everything is should begin to build some stability and security into our own lives.

Because God rules the world, David proclaims in verse 9 that He provides safety for the oppressed.   The word “safety” means a refuge, a secure and high retreat that is out of reach of our enemies.  They can’t touch us, David says  In verse 10, David declares God will never abandon us.  He will never forsake us or leave us behind.

Beginning in verse 11, the psalmist recounts that one day the One who governs the universe He created will set the record straight.  He will settle all accounts.  So even before that day arrives, the psalmist desires that God would rise up  (v 19).  It means to stand up to act.  In the last verse of this psalm, he asks God to “terrify” them.  This word literally means “a razor for shearing sheep” and gives us a vivid picture.  That is that one day change, a great reversal is coming.  Those with little in this life except love for God will rule and reign with Him throughout eternity in a kingdom that never ends.  Yet those given much in this life yet had no room in their life for God will be lift separated from all that has real meaning forever.  Let the nations know they are mere mortals.

How fragile and frail man is compared to the eternal God who is always on His throne.  Living everyday believing that God is in control will breathe new life, new perspective into any situations life brings.  So be courageous, God is in control.

For His glory,

Pastor Jeff