Psalm 8 – Taking Time To Look Up

This psalm is a great reminder that when we put God in His rightful place, everything else in our lives will fall into its proper place.  This even includes how we view ourselves and what value we place on our lives and the lives of others.  Once we learn to acknowledge God, we will discover the ability to acknowledge other things more clearly and carefully.

David begins by recognizing that God is his personal Lord and Master.  Is that true for us?  Have we turned leadership of our lives over to God?  He continues talking in verse 1 about God’s reputation.  David believes that one revelation from God that should shape His reputation is creation.  David writes of God’s majesty in the heavens above.  This word “majesty” speaks of a display of power that is awe-inspiring.  He continues in verse 2 by reminding us that children, without being taught or influenced, are in awe of the creation around them.  Do we take time to admire God’s creative acts and to be inspired by them?  Creation should continually remind us of the greatness and goodness of God.

This creation He provided for us to enjoy and to realize that our Creator takes great joy in us.  Yet in verse 3 when the psalmist took the time to look up, to consider, to contemplate the wonder of the universe, he was struck by several things.  First, he was reminded how effortless this all was for God.  It wasn’t hard at all; he uses just His fingers.  Hopefully this will encourage you.  Our problems which seem so large and insurmountable are never too difficult for God.  We just need to learn to humble ourselves and ask for His help.  Jeremiah writes in chapter 32, verse 17, “Oh, Lord God, you did indeed make heaven and earth by your mighty power and great strength.  Nothing is too hard for you!”  In Psalm 8:3, David tells us that God set in place the moon and the stars.

David also learned that God’s creation is fixed, firm and secure.  This is what the phrase “set in place” means.  This is true of everything God does.  This should bring us comfort and assurance.  What man creates is passing, decaying, transitory.  There is no stability in man or what he has made.  But there is stability and security in God and what He does.

Finally, David sees himself and others as pretty insignificant when compared with the vastness and depth of God’s creation   But as he takes time to look up and put God and what God has done in its proper place, he begins to see the dignity of humanity and to realize the awesome role and responsibility God has given to human beings.

No wonder David ended this psalm the way he started.  “O Lord, Our Lord, how magnificent is your reputation throughout the earth!” Let’s make time today to look up and remember who God is and what His creation says about Him and us.

For His glory,

Pastor Jeff