Psalm 6 – A Growing Sensitivity Through Suffering

All of us become more aware of things when we go through trials and suffering.  We gain a heightened sensitivity to everything going on around us including our own spiritual standing with God.  Are we in a good place or a bad place?  Even if we are in a good place, we know that there are things that become even more of a priority when we are in distress.  If our suffering is at the hands of others primarily, we still are sensitive to the contribution we have made to the situation and to the fact that our hands are not entirely clean.  It is out this emotion and these circumstances that David writes Psalm 6.

He begins this psalm where many of us begin when going through rough times – God must be punishing me.  He doesn’t want to die in this condition (v 5) but there are times in life where death seems preferable to what we’re going through.  He expresses grief and exhaustion in verse 6.  Sleepless nights of weeping and sighing.  In verse 7, he acknowledges that this protracted trial is making him weak.  His strength is almost dried up.  I believe that is why verse 4 is the key verse of this psalm and one we need to look at more closely.  Rather than asking God to take away the circumstances in which he finds himself , he prays for God to make him stronger in order to face and triumph over his circumstances.

The word “relent” at the beginning of verse 4 means to restore, refresh, even repair.  The word “rescue”, far from the meaning we would attach to this word in English, in the Hebrew language means to equip for war or battle, to be armed, to be made strong or invigorate.  Also, the word “deliver” refers to victory in battle.  One thing David had learned throughout his life is that God may not choose to change the circumstances of our lives, but God can always be counted upon to pour His strength into our lives to meet the challenges we face.  That is why David ends this song so confidently.  He knows the Lord has heard the sound of his weeping (v 8); the Lord has accepted (literally taken into His hands) his prayer (v 9).  He know that in an instant with God his circumstances could change, so he continues to trust (v 10).

Maybe we should consider praying differently based on this psalm.  Instead of praying over and over for our circumstances to change, we should pray for God make us strong enough to match our circumstances.  God may be more interested in changing us.

If you are in need of being restored, refreshed, refueled, yes even repaired so that you can get back out there and seize the opportunities of life, there is no one better than God to do it.  Turn to Him today, trust in Him today and you will begin to triumph today.

For His glory,

Pastor Jeff