Psalm 3 – Learning to Lean On God Alone

There are many times in our lives when we are grateful for the support systems around us.  But, the danger and the temptation is that we will begin to trust in these systems or supporters rather than God.  When that happens, God will begin to dismantle our support systems until we are left with only Him.  We need to be reminded throughout our lives that if God is all I have at this moment, He is all I really need.

This forms the backdrop for the words of Psalm 3.  David begins by counting up all his enemies.  The word “enemy” is an interesting word.  It means those applying undo or unreasonable pressure.  Their motive is to watch us crack and crumble under the pressure.  David is listening to voices all around him who are casting doubt on God’s promises in verse 2.  They are sobering words, “God will not deliver.”  If David believes this lie, discouragement and despair will overwhelm him.  The word “Selah” at the end of verse 2 is a pause.  It means to take time to stop and think about what has just been said.  It is a word that will be found throughout our study of the Psalms.

As in many of the Psalms, when David allows himself to be alone with God and pour out his heart, God begins to reassure David and strengthen his faith.  God will do the same for us as well.  When we begin feeling the pressure and we’re overwhelmed and the only voices we seem to be listening to are the voices of doubt, run into God’s presence as David did.  Stay there until your outlook and perspective begin to change.

David reaffirmed in verse 3 that God is a shield of protection and He will restore me.  To “restore” here means to lift back up or cause to rise.  Whether we’ve been knocked down by others or fallen ourselves,  God can and will lift us up.  He will respond to our prayers and our cries for help (v4).  No wonder, when David began to rest in God alone, He proclaims that he had the ability to relax and rest in verse 5 and the fear that had such a grip on him was beginning to loosen quickly.  Note that his circumstances hadn’t changed yet, but his perspective and outlook was changing.

God may not choose our circumstances but God always wants to change us so that we have the strength and ability to handle our circumstances.  This what David discovered.  In verse 8, David firmly states, “The Lord delivers.”  He brings salvation:  victory not out of our trouble but through them.  “You show favor to your people.  Selah.”  Take time to stop and consider the words of this Psalm and allow God to transform your perspective beginning today.

For His glory,

Pastor Jeff