Psalm 2 – A Challenge To Rest In God

Psalm 2 is a great continuation of the foundation first laid in Psalm 1.  If we are unwilling to rest in a growing relationship with God, we will be driven by forces all around us throughout our lives.  So, in Psalm 2, the psalmist asks the question, “Why do the people of the world continually rebel against God?”  The word “rebel” speaks of restlessness and commotion.  That’s an accurate description of a world of people not resting in God.  They are restless, constantly in motion, and many are in upheaval continually.  What they decide to pursue apart from God will “fail.”  This word means that in spite of their best efforts, whatever or whomever they pursue apart from God will still leave them empty, unfulfilled, and unsatisfied.

In verse 2, the one thing that begins to unite this world, ironically, is their opposition to and hatred of God.  Sadly, they view God’s Word and its principles for living as restrictive.  Instead of viewing God as their loving Creator who only has their highest good and best interests in mind, they see Him as a “cosmic kill-joy” who seeks to suppress them from really enjoying and experiencing life.  One thing the author of this psalm makes very clear is that even though God is full of grace mercy and patience, His will and His Word are firm and those who disregard them will do so at their own peril.  The writer points out that the only way to really experience and enjoy life is to center and orient our lives around God’s son, Jesus Christ.  In fact, in verse 8, the author reminds us that the nations of this world are ultimately the possession of God’s son.  Though the leaders and people of this world believe that they are in control, they are totally powerless to stop God from moving this world towards His design and blueprint.  Instead of continuing to fight and struggle against God and His will, the people of the world are called surrender to God’s purposes and plans.

In verse 12, all are encouraged to “give sincere homage.”  The sense of this phrase is to “handle with care.”  Does that describe our response to God and His Word?  Are we taking great care with the privileges and opportunities God is giving to us?  When we do, the psalmist says we will be blessed or happy as he did in Psalm 1.  To take shelter in God (v 12) is to put all our trust, confidence and hope in Him.  He is our strong refuge.  He ends this psalm as he began, encouraging all to rest in God rather than becoming restless apart from Him.  Don’t get caught up in the path that the majority of the world is choosing.  Be strong and choose for yourself.  Choose Jesus Christ above everything else.

For His glory,

Pastor Jeff