David and the Psalms

Beginning in January, we will be exploring the life of David on Tuesday evenings in our mid-week Bible Study at The Oasis.  God has given much room in His Word to this very significant figure.  The story of David’s life far surpasses any other Old Testament character.  He is also mentioned in the New Testament more than any other person from the Old Testament.  In fact, only Jesus Christ is mentioned more in the Bible than David.  Many people can only recall 2 incidents in the life of David.  They are either his greatest triumph:   the slaying of the giant Goliath or his greatest tragedy:  his adultery with Bathsheba.  But, there is so much more God wants us to know concerning Him.

God called David a man after God’s own heart.  If God spends such a significant portion of His Word talking to us about David, shouldn’t we study his life more closely?  So with this in mind, in conjunction with our study of David on Tuesday evenings, I will begin a weekly blog  in 2012 journeying through the Psalms that David penned.  He wrote at least half of the 150 Psalms and many of these Psalms are some of the most beloved passages of Scripture for Christians.

So, would you consider diving into the Psalms with me this year?  Also, to make it more meaningful, would you consider attending our Tuesday evening study of David’s life?  If that is not possible, then you could listen each week to our podcasts of these messages.

May each of you have a wonderful and meaningful holiday season.  Then, let’s dive into 2012 uncovering things about David that will inspire, encourage and challenge us as we seek to make this coming year the best year we’ve ever had with God in our lives.